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WESA August 25-28, 2022

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Premium Quality Products from New Mexico, USA

"New Mexico is deeply influenced by the traditions of Western, Spanish, Mexican and Native American jewelry and sterling silver manufacturing techniques. Chacon Belts and Buckles offer the highest quality pieces for the consumer who relishes old world American sterling silver quality."


We, at Chacon Belts and Buckles, continue the traditions of high quality, hand crafted,  American made quality products of sterling silver and high quality materials. Our engraved silver is hand done by experienced artisans with only the highest standards of work. Our work is never compromised, only the highest quality pieces are available from Chacon Belts and Buckles.


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Denver WESA Showroom:

  • Denver WESA Merchandise Mart
  • Jan 13 - 17 2017
  • Showroom # 4543

Chacon Belts and Buckles:

  • P.O. Box 859, 2 Park Place
  • Rociada, NM 87742

Phone, Fax & Email:

  • (505) 454-1196
  • FAX: (505) 454-1833
  • bruce@chaconbelts.com

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The Erickson Family

Bruce Erickson founded Chacon Belts and Buckles in 1974 ...